Saturday, January 28, 2012

DF&F, Brook Trout and X-Caddis

Drawing Fish & Flies 52 - Brook Trout & X-Caddis.
Iowa Driftless Brook Trout

Began by tracing my brookie photo with marker on plastic. I wasn't sure if the scan would capture the ripples of the plastic but was pleased that it did. I gave this week's subject matter a couple days of thought before putting pencil to paper (or marker to plastic). I had a pretty good idea of where I wanted the piece to go before strarting the timer. Often the finished product is not what I envisioned but this time it was pretty much spot on. Process: Print Photo-trace-scan-photoshop-illustrator.

Anyone following along is welcome to use my Brookie piece as desktop wallpaper.

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  1. John
    This one is ready for a matt and frame. Very nice!!!!

  2. John,

    Was an amatuer artist once, my wife wishes I'd get back into it, charcol and pencil, so I appreciate the work I've seen from you, very demanding and accurate. I've a question regarding brrok trout and the Driftless Region. I know some about this area for someone who has never been there and I have heard that remnants of this very isolated brook trout gene pool are still swimming. Are these that you come across generally genetically pure or a mongrel mixed with stocked fish or both, or are the wild fish descendants of stocked fish only. Just curious.


  3. Hey Greg – In Iowa we have one localized strain of truly native brook trout.

    I've only fished that stream once. So the brook trout I catch on other Iowa Driftless streams were introduced through stocking programs. We have brook trout naturally reproducing but that one strain from Pine creek is thought to be the only gene pool that is truly original. It's pretty cool that the DNR is transplanting some of that Pine Creek gene pool to ensure it's longevity.

  4. John,

    Nice job! You are getting in the groove! i dig the way you are thinking about the piece and comparing to the way way it came out! Looking forward to your next one!


  5. John—Really liking it. I am fan of graphic style like this. To my eye, the diagonal and negative space choices were as key as the line work. Would be cool at about 4X6 (feet that is).