Monday, January 23, 2012

DF&F 52 - Cutthroat

Drawing Fish & Flies 52 - Cutthroat. I've never caught a cutthroat and I've yet to fish out west (I'm not counting that long ago family vacation to CO when I caught some trout with a nightcrawler). I hope to fish out west sooner than later.

I often design and sketch in layers. That's a byproduct of a graphic design background. It's what I studied at Iowa State University and practiced for a couple years. Five years ago I moved into a sales job and now design work is just a hobby done for my own personal enjoyment. You can see from my sketch I'm thinking of how I can layer things together using photoshop and illustrator. Sketch-Scan-Darken Lines-Vectorize-Turn on Bowie's "Andy Warhol"-and color.

Anyone following along is welcome to use my Cutthroat piece as a desktop background.

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  1. John
    Very nice, and yes I can relate somewhat, because I use to teach CAD. Both kind of parallel. Thanks for sharing

  2. Nicely done John. Next week is a X-caddis and brookie.


  3. Thanks Jeff. A driftless special, I'm in on this week's brookie!

    Thanks Bill. CAD is certainly a layering process.

  4. Nice work, John. I look forward to your brookie. Nice to see your graphics background coming through in this, too. Hope to see more of it going forward....