Friday, June 24, 2011

Iowa Bedrock

There's a creek I fish locally that is geo-awesome. The sandstone creek has remnants from the Devonian era some 375 million years ago. In Iowa, rocky streams mean a better chance of clearer water and easier catching. It's hard to imagine that my great grandparents could once see the bottom of my larger local rivers. It's estimated that an average Iowa acre loses 5 ton's of soil per acre per year. I "hope" there's a growing recognition among farmers and land owners that they need to stop the bleeding with buffer strips, no-till, etc.
 rock bass
Look out smallie!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Angling Artists:

Check out Tim's blog and support the efforts to protect Bristol Bay.

Angling Artists: The Beginning...: "Alaskan rainbow trout sipping caddis. Photo by Monty Thierry. It is the beginning of my time in the Bristol Bay region of Alaska. I work an..."

On a driftless trip this March I purchased a couple Giclee prints from Tim. His paintings are awesome and reasonably priced. So check out the Bristol Bay prints and pay a visit to River Blend Studio

Sunday, June 12, 2011

recent activity

I’ve been busy around the house lately: Here is a short list of some things I’ve been doing.

Helped plant the garden, created a new garden

Built a retaining wall below the house

Put up a new mailbox

Spread some poultry manure over the yard

Built a 300’ fence around the yard

Cut down and trimmed some trees, split, hauled and stacked wood. I’m set for the next two years.

I did manage an overnight trip to Iowa with Johnny and another trip to SE Minnesota with Dan H. Here are a couple of highlights.

The largest trout stream in the Driftless Area

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Tossing Rocks

When fishing with my son Quade, who is nearly 2 years young, the rock tossing is the main show while swinging streamers is secondary. As we made our way upstream we walked by a nice smallmouth in the background of the first picture. After we had sat and thrown about 20 rocks Quade allowed me to make a couple swings while he continued his work streamside. The fish I had walked by was still sitting there and hit the streamer on the second swing. A nice strong fish that snapped my leader at the tippet connection. Oh well, we came to throw rocks anyway.