Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Driftless Ugly Bug or the Dirty Mop?

My woolly buggers have evolved into something resembling a bass fisherman's mop jig. I'm also contemplating calling this pattern 'The Dirty Mop'. Feedback welcome. 

Tying Tips: 
I prefer a hook with a shorter shank. This helps keep the legs from getting tangled in the hook gap. • The legs are secured with turns of wire. I use craft wire. A thin wire may cut through the legs. • These particular rubber legs are from a pack of bass jig skirts. • I'm tying on a size 8 hook. • Overall pattern is about 2" long. 

Don't hesitate to throw some split shot on and dredge that deep pool with a 'Dirty Mop', or is it a 'Driftless Ugly Bug'?