Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bugs & melting snow

This week the snow is melting on this small trout stream in Iowa. I look forward to Spring when the residents will chase streamers with wild abandon. On this day it felt like the fish were gone. Sometimes winter trout fishing can make you feel that way. Subtle bites on small midges.  

Jeez, what is that?


  1. Just looking at those pics has me wishing I was back up North on one of my favorite little Iowa streams. Not sure I can wait for the annual late summer trip , I may have to try and plan a spring trip as well.

  2. Replies
    1. Yep sowbug, aka scud, aka amphipod

    2. I concur that's a sowbug - but an isopod, not a scud(amphipod). The sowbug is a close relative of the scud -both are crustaceans and can be found in similar habitats, but behave quite differently.

    3. Good post on the differences here...http://www.laughingrivers.com/rick-amphipods.html

  3. John
    It looks like the trout are well feed in those streams. Nice looking streams to fish there. Thanks for sharing