Friday, August 12, 2011

Fly Fishing Iowa Carp

A Floridian found me on the web.

nice blog, i share your addiction and was hoping pick your brain a little or at least point me in the right direction. i live in fl and fish for snook and redfish most of the time so all i have is 8 and 9 weights with floating lines. i am going to be visiting family in north liberty in a couple weeks and i didn't know if i should pack some gear. are there any fly shops in the area? i ran a search but did not find much. any help would be appreciated. - Aaron.

My response was - bring your gear and lets catch some carp. We fished the reservoir for a couple hours this morning. Aaron caught one carp and I missed a few. We were mostly tossing to dirt clouds with very few strong tailers. Tough carpin when they're not digging around in the muck. Now I just need to get down to FL sometime so Aaron can put me on some snook and redfish.


  1. Very cool. Meeting for fishing is probably one of the only genuine and safe forms of "meeting someone from the internet." If someone is a true fisherman/angler then you can probably trust them. I've had very positive experiences too.

  2. Very cool man. Good of you to help someone out and get on fish. I know of a creek in Iowa, perhaps you and I should meet there sometime this fall when I beging to travel south for the fine fall fishing Iowa offers. I've been reading for a while, I dig the variety and sense of life you have going on.

  3. Thanks WFF. That would be cool if we meet up this Fall.