Sunday, August 26, 2012

Some excuses for not catching fish (gar) this morning

They just aren’t biting.
I wonder if that airboat that went by a while back spooked them.
Maybe they can hear the kids slamming doors up on the hill.
I should just put a hook on this fly and fish it deep for smallies.
Gar really aren’t that fun to catch anyway, it sucks getting all the rope out of their teeth.
It’s just nice to be out on the water.
This overcast morning would have been a good one to spend fishing trout on that one river in Iowa.
Ok, maybe they are eating, I just saw some rises over there.
This fly doesn’t have enough flash and it’s too beat up, doesn’t have enough rope left to land a big one anyway.
I need scent.
I’m fishing this fly too shallow.
I think they want it presented upstream, directly in line with the current, not broad side.
What are they taking? They are eating something, I can see them.
Screw it, I’m out of coffee and getting hungry. Gar suck.
-My excuses are getting old, perhaps you have some that you would like to share.


  1. Nate
    Sometimes one has to fight through all the excuses and come out a winner on the fish count. Thanks for sharing

  2. I lined up my own excuses from yesterday. Sounds like a tough day for a bunch of us.

  3. A couple of cooler nights here recently on my home waters have both the carp and drum off the bite. Must have had a dozen shots the other day at fish that normally would have eaten (mostly drum) and couldn't even get a look. While the presentation might not have been casting doesn't suck all that bad!!