Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Of streamers and short-strikes

I went to the river thinking I might film some dry fly fishing. The midges were coming off, but it was nothing special. No worries as the fish were taking streamers again.-in January, what?

Here is a conversation I often have with myself.

Me: The tails on your streamers are too long, results in too many short-strikes.

Antagonist: Any fish that doesn't have the balls to eat the whole thing isn't a fish you want to catch anyhows.

Me: How many medium sized fish (16 inches) do you think you miss because the tails on your streamers are too long?

Antagonist: I suppose a few, I don't really know.

Me: A 16 inch fish can make the difference between a good day and a really good day.

Antagonist: Neither of those days are what you should be after.


  1. Nate, Just got over here today. It's been a while, I should have known you'd be out on the creek. Glad to see it. I tried leaving a comment on the video below this post, awesome, simply awesome. I've watched it like a dozen times, thanks for it!

    Something about seing another get the same thing I get out of it is excellent. Curious what camera your using.

    As for short strikes on streamers... Fishing the same creek as your video last weekend I asked myself the same questions. Is putting a #18 Scud hook in the tail for those "short-strike" days cheating? I'm going back and forth on it. Anyways, thanks for the distraction video, dug the footage, the music, the whole thing.

  2. Hey WFF. I was wondering if I'd bump into you.

    I'm using the Kodak playsport zx5. Not bad for $100.

    Yeah, a trailor hook is a simple solution to the short-strike thing. whether it crosses a line or not is a personal thing. I don't get too bent out of shape about those issues. One could also tie on tubes. But there is something so easy and attractive about a woolly bugger-like fly with a long bushy tail. Later