Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Alaska, Day 1

A few months ago Nate asked me if I wanted to fish in Alaska. He was headed to ANC for a conference and couldn't pass up the opportunity to fish, nor could I, nor could Tim. Nate and I had never been to Alaksa. We fished 4 days last week. Slept in the back of a Ford Excursion and caught a bunch of unbelievable fish. Here's a few pics from day 1. Some cool fish coming in tomorrow's post. 


  1. John
    A trip of a lifetime--I envy you!!! thanks for sharing

    1. For sure! For a guy who fishes Iowa, Alaska was pretty amazing. Now how do I get the $ and blessing from the family to go back?!

  2. Its on my Bucket List! I'm looking forward to reading about & seeing pics from the rest of your trip! :)