Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cast Cast Cast

Last fall Tim Pearson and I set out to create a video about the in's and out's of proper lining and casting methods for spey rods on small rivers. After I got home and checked the footage I realized 1) my camera ain't that good, 2) my editing software ain't that good, 3) I ain't that good, and 4) Tim can't speak in front of a camera without laughing hysterically. I also figured out what was good: Tim's casting and songs by the Kills. So, without much editing, I present to you: Tim Pearson, spey casting extraordinaire and 'Satellite' by the Kills. Enjoy it for what it is…


  1. I would think one you need an extremely light switch fly rod if they were going to fish all day.

  2. Great video, and awesome choice of music!

  3. I like Tim Pearson a lot, and I f-ing love the Brule River!
    Nice job on the video.

    Tom Anderson