Saturday, January 19, 2013

Between the Ice. Winter trout.

With an extended forecast for frigid temps Andy and I figured we oughta hit a trout stream before the pools ice up. We found some pools completely sheeted but enough fairways to get to a few brown trout. The best water on this stream are the big slower water pools – also the first water to ice up in winter. We tossed buggers and zebras. All our fish gobbled the bugger. Low and slow. Pretty good winter trouting.


  1. John
    What size buggers and midges? Was there any hatch, or did you just try both patterns by chance? Thanks for sharing

  2. Hi Bill - size 10 buggers/Dirty Mops. Size 14 zebra midges. We trailed a bugger with a midge. I'm sure the midge nymphing would have produced fish had we nymphed without the bugger (better dead drift) and perhaps even drifted some smaller zebras. No hatches.

  3. And no ticks to boot. Can't beat the year round season out there. Great job getting after em in the cold.