Monday, November 12, 2012

November Trout

I went to the river in search of large spawning brown trout. I did not find any.


  1. Nate
    I will take that brown anyday!!!!

  2. Nate:

    I originally posted this under your driftless video, but I haven't heard back from you. I can't find a contact email on your site, so I've posted the comment again here just in case you see it.


    I caught the Driftless vid on the Mouchers site. I followed the link here and am liking what I see. I need to try out that dirty mop on our skinny water here in Ontario.

    Question: those canoe/kayaks you're using look to be just what I need. Who makes them and would you recommend them?

    You can email me at

    Thank you and best fishes,


  3. Hey Alex – those hybrid kayaks are from Native Watercraft. I have an Ultimate 12. A very stable craft. Light weight. Easy to jump in and out of. Yeah, I recommend them.


  4. Bill, That was the nicest fish of the day. Indeed a respectable brown. It is all about expectations, I just happened to be looking for something quite large that day. But yes, I will take the fish anyday as well.

    Alex, sorry to have not seen your comment. Thanks for the interest. The blue yak is a native 9.5, designed for kids or lighter individuals (180 lbs max). While it isn't as stable as John's 12, it does the job for me on these smaller rivers. I can often dragg it over the bank faster than John and jump in front of him while fishing, steal the good runs, you know :)