Monday, November 19, 2012

November Cloopers

Clooping carp in November? I'll take it. I more commonly see this behavior in the summer when the cotton wood trees are dropping seeds. So I tossed a dry & dropper. The dropper being a very nice soft hackle tied by WFF -- Justin Carroll. When fishing a pod of cloopers it's wise to target the outlying fish. Once the pod is spooked they may not go back to school for awhile. I picked a few fish off the edges and eventually spooked the pod. Sipped hot coffee waiting for the cloopers to return. They didn't, but that was fine by me.
Ocean Floor Fossils. Coralville Lake / Lake Macbride.


  1. Simply neat to find them on top in November. You actually fished them as I usually do, pure coincidence. However, you caught some fish, I somehow frighten them. Nice late fall treat I'd say!


  2. November carp - November clooping carp - how sweet is that.

  3. That's awesome.. I waited for surface fish all year.and they never showed. That's pretty special for November. Great photos too.