Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Driftless Ugly Bug or the Dirty Mop?

My woolly buggers have evolved into something resembling a bass fisherman's mop jig. I'm also contemplating calling this pattern 'The Dirty Mop'. Feedback welcome. 

Tying Tips: 
I prefer a hook with a shorter shank. This helps keep the legs from getting tangled in the hook gap. • The legs are secured with turns of wire. I use craft wire. A thin wire may cut through the legs. • These particular rubber legs are from a pack of bass jig skirts. • I'm tying on a size 8 hook. • Overall pattern is about 2" long. 

Don't hesitate to throw some split shot on and dredge that deep pool with a 'Dirty Mop', or is it a 'Driftless Ugly Bug'? 


  1. I'd go with dirty mop. The pattern is significantly different from the original ugly bug, which is more nymph-like. Plus the dirty mop is fitting.

    This reminds me of a fly I'm working on call 'ball of pubes' :)

    I may or may not post of pic of it.

    1. So I googled 'Dirty Mop'. Top hit, from Urban Dictionary is amusing.
      Yeah, nothing like the original Ugly Bug, so Dirty Mop may get the win.

    2. Another vote for Dirty Mop.

  2. Thanks for posting! Really a quite unique fly pattern. I remember seeing a fly fishing video from New Zealand in which a visitor used a similar pattern but in all black (I think it was). The fishing guide didn't believe in the fly but the visitor took a huge brown trout on it (10 lb or so). So it's truly an effective material in a bigger fly. As you have shown us too without doubt. Lovely brown trout in the last picture.
    My best,

  3. I'm pretty sure that would be very effective on any big predator... I'm thinking river Smallies and Spots.
    I like the "Dirty Mop" name too... I can only imagine how Urban Dictionary defines it. I'll have to check that out when I get home from work.

  4. Great looking pattern, I will have to give it a go.