Monday, July 16, 2012

high temps and low flows

Casualties of the drought. Big flatheads looking for cooler water. They were laying at the confluence of a creek and the Cedar River. I'd guess the largest two fish at 25-30lb, prior to their deterioration. The warm low water is taking it's toll on fish throughout the midwest.


  1. i know what your saying, this weather pattern is foreshadowing some major fish kills. with out any rain it isn't getting better...

    as a side note, great to see Nate writing here as well. great blog and only getting better

  2. Shoot...I was getting excited there for a moment thinking you had caught Flatheads on flies! :)
    I've gotten reports from anglers around central Iowa that have seen dead fish in the rivers this summer. That in itself isn't unusual...but with the tepid water temps, you KNOW the cause is simply HEAT and no rain.

  3. I was sad to see these dead beasts. There are some Iowa waters reading in the low 90's. That's crazy hot. Lots of fish hanging out at the mouth of creeks right now -- in the cooler water. The smallmouth fishing in the creeks has been great. Just a matter of finding deep enough holding spots.