Sunday, July 1, 2012

Cat on the fly

This fat cat made me forget about the grass carp. At least for the weekend. At 30", I'm sure this is my largest cat on the fly. In my younger days, we would catch cats like this using 6-8" bullheads on set lines. More on set lines (pvc, carpenters line, large circle hooks, live bait). Used to run set lines with Dad, two younger brothers, and other hillbillies. Brother James has the best catch in which he wrestles with a 15lb flathead that is snagged at the bottom of the river. The story goes that brothers James and Joe were checking lines and knew they had a big fish hung up. James dives in and follows the line to the bottom. Wrestles the beast loose and comes up with the monster in tow. What I remember is James carrying the big fish back to camp and saying "Bear Grylls ain't got nothing on me". And Joe saying he was about to jump in after James because he had been at the bottom of the river for too long.


  1. Nice fish! My channels have been taken equally with an egg and stripped flies, both carp types and especially a black pattern, either a large bead head bunny leech and large woolly bugger. Always by accident so far. No 30" fish though, my tops perhaps 25" and 4 or 5lb? A grass carp would have been nice as well, to say the least.

  2. Beauty! Big cats are a LOT of fun on fly gear! I grew up fishing (but not fly-fishing) for catfish with my Dad. I find it interesting that my 5 biggest channel cats have all been taken on fly gear in the past 3-4 years. Every time I hook one, I'm hoping its a grass carp, and then I see its a catfish. I enjoy catfish too.

  3. John
    Holy crap!!!!unbelievable on the fly rod. I have caught catfish on the fly rod but not anything like that ever. Congrats thanks for sharing