Friday, September 23, 2011

Wenonah Backwater 15

Today, I waited in line with some 50 other people staring at racks of canoes and kayaks before the start of Wenonah canoe factory's annual fall clearance event. I knew what I wanted, the Backwater 15, I just had to find it before someone else.

A few minutes before noon, they let us in and people started scrambling for boats. I found the sweetness and the deal was better than I expected, 65% off! It had one small ding, preventing it from ever being shipped from the factory.

This is the perfect boat for me and my family. It is super wide and stable, no need for stabilizer floats at all. It is ready to be oared (with my outriggers), paddled, or motored. It isn't the perfect canoe as it is a bit wide. Plus, because they designed it for use with a motor, the rear seat is farther forward than a normal canoe, which puts you farther from the gunwales and makes for a somewhat awkward paddle stroke. It also isn't the perfect boat, as it is too small for a very powerful motor. But it is perfect for me. I won't be taking it to the boundary waters, or out on big lakes. I'll be taking it on the Black River and the Mississippi River backwaters, with oars, paddles, or a motor.

I now have room for a 5 foot long gar!

Sale ends tomorrow (9/24), so you better get over to the Wenonah factory in Winona, MN.

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