Friday, September 23, 2011

Lesson Learned

If fishing a tandem rig and fish takes top fly it is ill-advised to try landing fish with hand. The lower fly may end up under your skin. In-fact there is a good chance it will if dealing with a feisty fish. I don't own a large net and when fishing for carp I typically beach them. The weed jungle wasn't offering a landing pad. Lesson learned. 

Illustrating the "grip-n-rip" method. Note the heavy mono loop prepared for a quick tug. Don't forget to put pressure on the top of fly so you get a good exit angle...  


  1. Damn dude, that sucks! I got snagged in the back last year with a double sucks.

  2. There's been about a half-dozen incidents within our local fishing club this year of guys getting hooks buried in their hands/fingers this year, which is an abnormally high number from this group. Must be something in the air (or water, or fish) this year?

  3. I've had that happen several times.

    And Mags, that must have sucked!!!! I've only had it happen with little hooks.

  4. been there. That one you pulled out of my finger this winter was a result of the bottom fly....