Saturday, March 5, 2011

Season Opener (of sorts)

Today is the opening day of the Wisconsin trout season. I am at home with the kids today and tomorrow. But yesterday, I fished in Minnesota. I treated it like it was the opener. Fish were really active, chasing midges on the surface and streamers below the surface. I fished a little creek that has two really deep holes and a bunch of pockets that hold big fish. The stream also has a ton of nice runs, but they all seem to be loaded with small fish. I caught a bunch of fish, but two stand out above the rest.

Frist, I landed a 20”, football of a brown trout (see photo). This was an absolute pig of a fish. I took it from the bottom of a deep and dark pool. I caught it on a burnt orange and brown samurai that Johnny Rotten tied me for Christmas. Merry Christmas eh John. The smuggler performed well on the big fish, flexing completely into the handle, yet maintaining a decent backbone to move the fish around.

The second fish gets overshadowed by the pig brown, but is more meaningful to me. The other fish pictured below came from a corner pocket, about 2 feet deep and with overhanging branches. To get a fly into that pocket, you of have to hit about a 6 inch spot and get your fly under the branches. Typically, I botch the first cast in this spot and watch fish spook downriver. Yesterday, I hit it on the first cast and nailed a nice 14 inch brown.

The trout season is officially open!


  1. Nice Beagle Creek Brown. Curious why you decided to throw her in the snow?

    If your gonna put the fish on ice you should eat it within 6 hours of icing.

    Releasing a fish after it has been iced increases the potential for mortality and other inhibitions to survival.

    Anyways - may we pass each other on the creek someday I will have some flies to trade.

    - Heath

  2. Heath,
    It wasn't a conscious decision but rather one that was adrenaline induced. Nor did I callously throw her in the snow. If I could do it again, I'd do it differently. But don't assume too much about me by a couple of photos. The internet is pretty good for that sort of thing, assuming you know something about someone.

    Always happy to trade flies, but I've nothing special.

  3. No Worries. Just curious. Further, I try very hard to not assume which is why I asked.

    She would have filet'd nicely had it been keeping season.

    thanks for all you do.