Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The new Black River

I've been adjusting to life on a relatively different Black River. The recent flood completely wiped out the sandbar on the opposite side of the river and there is no longer a good place to stand over there. The floods also wiped out the little island that I used to stand on to fish the back eddy. Now the sandbar just upstream from the house is 5-10 feet above the water.

I've been casting stinky streamers for gar. I mean stinky literally as I have been experimenting with Berkley's night crawler scent on my flies as well as a homemade batch of garlic puree. So far I've had one hook-up in the past three outings. I couldn't hold the fish and it wasn't big. Gar a difficult, I actually think they are feeding primarily on insects right now. -But who knows?

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