Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Big Brown

I just got back from a trip up north in search of Steelhead. Also just got a new internet connection, so I'm trying it out.
Sam came along and we camped together. We met up with Andrew S. and Tim P. who were also looking for some steelie love.
Sam enjoyed life around the campsite the most.

Nice scene along the river.
Didn't catch any steelhead, but managed a nice 26 inch brown. Don't even ask about the finger in the fish's gills. Its the ending of a long story, I'll try to post it later. Not proud of it.
this pic turned out too dark, so I enhanced it.


  1. Nice Brownie! Hey I think I know what run that is. Was Halene with us there one day?

  2. You know it. -That run is crazy good.

    So I hook this fish and it does a couple of tail-walks across the water and lets me see that its a brown. Then the fish hunkers down and I start walking it downstream (with Sam on my back). We get down to where I can pull it into that slack water on the left side and I do so.

    Everything is OK at this point. Then I get the fish up against the bank, my feet get buried in 2 feet of muck and Sam and I both go down, land on top of the fish, and get wet. The fish was completely trapped under us, buried in the muck. Sam lost it, started crying, my hand found its gill plate and I pulled it out of the mud and tossed it on the bank. We got out of the water and regrouped.

    Sam was wet and crying, I was soaked and muddy, and the fish was a giant mud ball. I've never seen anything like it. I did my best to clean off the fish while Sam screamed at me. It was so slimy and big and I didn't want it to swim away without getting cleaned off, so I just continued to put my finger under its gill plate. I snapped a few pictures and by then Sam started to calm down. The rest is history.