Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Currents: June Fish

topwater grass carp are the best

lots of backyard blue gills

June is great for carpin' in Iowa

a good look at my favorite mud flat

had to stop for a picture of this. backroads of the driftless.


  1. Great pics!!
    I STILL have not gotten a Grassy to hit one of those hoppers! They look at it, but won't take it.
    I wonder what I'm doing wrong?

    1. They're such a selective eater. The only thing I can throw at them with confidence is a green hopper -- and only when there is surface activity going on. The pond I have success on gets mowed enough that I think the grassies have made a habit of surface feeding. I've tossed plenty of subsurface flies at them this year and have no eats. You can do everything perfect and they'll still reject your offering.

  2. Your success with grass carp is almost unbelievable. I have tried green cicadas after you first posted about hoppers, and many other flies with 0 success. I believe my problem is that I never find them feeding, just lounging. I'm envious!


    1. Lounging grass carp are nearly impossible. The hopper only works for me when they're eating on top. Sometimes the wind is blowing veg to the right corner of the pond. If you find them clooping, it's pretty exciting.