Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Poppers for Bass

Some good tips for chucking poppers for bass from they guys at G&G.
Gink & Gasoline's Fly Fishing Bass: 5 Tips for Fishing Frog Patterns Around Grass

I'm throwing out a bonus 5 tips from Currents.
1. Fish poppers in the rain. This is my #1 because I love fishing poppers in the rain. The rain brings the bucket mouths to the water's edge. The big boys often leave the shallows in the bright daylight hours. The rain gives them a sense of security to move shallow and feed.
2. Mix up the popping. Sometimes a hard smack and a long pause can be irresistible, and sometimes you want to chuga-chug that popper.
3. Throw a smaller popper. Size does matter. Try to match the meat.
4. Fish em early and late in the day. Chow time.
5. Fish the cover. They G&G guys with specifics on poppers around grass. 


  1. Nice fish and SWEET picture!!

  2. Stealth bomber, nuff said.

  3. Nice tips, and sweet bass!

    I've been fishing the lake at work with a popper right at sunrise, and I've been killin' it. 15-20 minutes of fishing before work and I've consistantly been catching bass and big bluegills.

    Gotta love poppers!

  4. Great photo, I like fly fishing too.