Monday, June 3, 2013


Reflecting on a great weekend. Calexico played at The Englert in Iowa City on Friday night. I've been looking forward to May 31st for a few months. Playing Calexico's new album, Algiers, each day at work. If you're a Calexico fan you gotta see these guys live someday. Tour Schedule. Here's a setlist you can play on Youtube. I was blown away by the seven bandmates shuffling instruments, from trumpets to accordion to slide guitar. Lead singer and guitarist Joey Burns set the vibe with his stage enthusiasm. At a live show they feel more alt rock'n'roll than on record. But then again, it's hard to describe Calexico's genre -- Mexican-influenced, country-folk, indie rock..? If you crank their tunes through some large speakers you'll come closer to replicating the live sound. Thanks for a great show Calexico!


  1. I effing love Calexico. Very jealous. I live in BFE so we don't get many touring bands.

    Please tell me you are also going to see Son Volt tonight. They are also one of my all-time faves.

    1. Son Volt and a few craft beers at the Englert is very tempting on a Monday night. Unfortunately I'm not in on that one.

  2. For a second I thought you went to Calexico south of CA. My uncles used to ride their dune buggies and three wheelers over the border to get tacos and firecrackers.