Monday, May 6, 2013


Nate and I started the weekend fishing in the rain. Any further west and we would have been fishing in the snow. I think rain turns fish on. Perhaps it triggers them to eat before the water turns dark and turbid and eating becomes difficult. The front end of the rain produced some steller fishing. Sure enough, the next day many streams looked like Wonka's chocolate river. So we fished streams that run clear regardless of how many inches of rain fall. It's good to know your Driftless options. 


  1. Good looking water and some chunky browns , makes me wanna get out!!
    I'll be up around Dorchester in two weeks , just me and the dog on a little fishing excursion. I'm hoping those Spring rains will give me a break for a couple days and I can get some decent fishing in.

    1. So much good water to fish in Allamakee county!

  2. Nice post, and pictures! Makes me with I was able to go with my friends this past weekend to the Driftless. (Too short of notice.) Love the pictures from above!!