Sunday, May 20, 2012


At my neighbor's BBQ I ran into a guy from x-town. I made the comment that I like fishing x-creek near his home town. His response was "yeah, I fish x-creek". After lunch he sits at my table and asks a couple questions about x-creek. After he finds out x-creek is no secret to me, he says with a big smile "we don't talk about x-creek". Unless of course you know all about x-creek. Then we talk about x-creek :)


  1. I bounce back and forth about naming trout streams on the blog. If you're looking for trout streams in Iowa, a good place to start is the IA DNR interactive trout maps. They are all worth fishing.

  2. I like "none of your business" or "find it yourself creek".

  3. Those so called secret holes seem to always produce the best--nice brown!!