Thursday, April 5, 2012


Pictures from a recent driftless outing. I had bounced some emails to a local blog follower and we eventually made a day of chasing trout. This was Andy's first time fishing the driftless. In the first picture Andy hooked up with the biggest brown of the day -- it happend to be the one that got away. Andy's expression after the fish came unbuttoned was priceless. It's fun to fish with someone who shows excitement, enthusiasm.

The picture below features Andy swinging a bugger through the top of a shallow run. This technique on shallow riffle runs is my favorite. Caught a lot of fish this spring with this approach.


  1. Oh man I bet he is still picturing that fish getting away. I lost a huge Brown about a year ago and still have nightmares about ;)I really like the drifting, stripping technique. It works well when out fishing in the dark as well, can feel every little bite. Nice looking stream and great pics. Thanks for the Buggers as well :) I look forward tossing that at some trout around here. Tight Lines.

  2. Yo Trout, the re-plays in my head are far from nightmarish. I'm hooked! Andy