Sunday, April 15, 2012

Driftless in April

The swing of the samurai and other moments captured in pixels. 
I drifted into this spot to fish the riffles downstream. As i got out of the boat I looked over the grass and saw the corner pocket.   A stealthy shot into the hole gave up the healthy brown pictured below. We hooked fish in some really cool holding spots. 
Streamside pineapple brats and home brews for lunch. so good. 
Nate's samurai recipe was the fly of the trip.
Streamside burritos. Yum. 


  1. Nice waters and lovely browns. What else is needed for a lovely outing?
    Have fun fly fishing,

  2. some bigger water and some real nice fish! I tied up one of your "samuri's" and i love it! I havent hooked into anything real nice on it yet, but it's got killer action.

  3. John
    Absolute perfect looking place to camp, float, and land some quality browns. Was that a wooly bugger in the mouth of one of those browns. That stream looked like it would yeild some rainbow and brook trout along with the browns. Thanks for sharing a great looking trip.

  4. A quality float trip enhanced with good foods. Envious

  5. Looks like you guys had a great trip. If you don't mind me asking, what stream did you float? I am in the process of building a wooden drift boat and have been looking into streams big enough to drift. Great report!

  6. @Blake F. - keep swinging the samuri and you'll hook into something big!
    @Bill - That was a wooly bugger with a mullet ;-)
    @Brian - what's your email so I can give you my thought about floating this water.

  7. John, thanks for the reply. My email is . Just watched the video as well and it looks like you guys had a great time and caught some nice fish as well.