Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Black River Gar

I caught my fist gar of 2012 over the weekend. It was rolling along the bank in a backwater when I saw it, cast to it, and got it to follow my rope fly about half way back to my boat. I saw a number of other fish rising in the backwater but could not induce a strike. Out in the current, there were some very large fish rolling, they would not take my fly. I've not had much luck taking fish from the main channel of the black river, although that seems to be where the very large fish hang out. I have not caught a gar fishing blind. Every fish I've caught has been one that I've seen rolling around. These fish can breathe oxygen from the air, unlike most other fish (another exception are bowfin). They could be rising for air, chasing bait fish, or I've even heard that they rise to shake parasites. Whatever the reason, when I spot em, 50% of the time I catch them some of time.

1 comment:

  1. Nice! Longnose? I hope to at least give the shortnose gar around here a shot later this week.