Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pike on the fly

Having fun with the pike fishing. 
James at work


  1. you guys fishin 8 wts for pike?

  2. John
    I know you didn't use a 5wt.------got to be a blast what length fly rod?

  3. Yep, 8wt 9'. James uses a couple TFO rods and I picked up a Reddington Predator this winter. I'm using a RIO 8wt pike line and a RIO outbound short intermediate sink. James loads his TFO with a 9 or 10 wt line (I think).

    The pike thing is great because it's back yard fishing for me.

  4. Awesome, I hope to get catch some pickerel tomorrow.

  5. Got a question John,

    Are they there in similar numbers other seasons? That looks like a multi species if I ever saw one. I would guess they are hitting in 45 plus or minus degree water. I own 2 TFO Pro Series rods and love them, 6 not 8 wt. And, I received your Lipstick carp fly from the swap, cool design! I'll keep you posted how it works for me. Already had good carp shots locally, can only get better, though I'm laid up for a bit with a broken leg, bummer time, too much to do.


  6. Gregg - I'm not sure if the pike are in this spot all year, they probably are. It's a sandy spot out of the current. I believe the pike are moving into this area to eat and getting ready to spawn. Pike don't like current so this dead water off the channel is great.

    This is the best time to get a big pike, pre spawn. They're shallower and feeding heavily.

    shucks on the leg. I'm looking forward to chasing carp! First pike and spring trout, then carp.

  7. That's a burly lookin fish! Way to go.