Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pike in Black & White

This winter I've been spending time below the local spillway throwing meaty flies for pike. I started fishing pike this past summer with a local pike guru James O Durbin. Fishing Pike is a different game for me. Very different than fishing for carp, trout, bass, or anything else I chase here in Iowa. It's more physical -- long casts with big flies. Repetitive. I actually bought a heavier stick to throw meaty flies. It's also been a humbling fish to chase. Plenty of outings without a hit. Then you get that big one and you remember why you're pike fishing. 

Currently throwing Mike Schmidt's "Barry's Pike Fly with a Twist"& a variation of James O Durbin's Green Pike Fly


  1. I understand the obsession. If they made it here, and they will, there is food aplenty and I will fish for them. Nice pictures, flies are cool, I even have flies that would work well, like 4" double bunnies, but they'd be shredded.


  2. Looks like fun. Are you using an 8 wt? Or heavier?

  3. Great photos! That top one makes me think of a nice warm summer day. I will have to chase pike someday. I would definitely have to step up the rod a bit. I think those flies would snap my 3wt in half :) Nice fish. Tight Lines.

    P.S. Thanks for the link.

  4. I recently purchased a 9' 8wt Redington Predator rod. I was using an old Gander Mountain brand 8 wt that is a bit of a noodle. The old 8wt can throw 4" clousers just fine. But throwing anything meatier was a challenge. I've lined the new Predator rod with an 8wt Rio Pike taper and picked up a Rio Outbound Short line as well.

  5. John
    Catcing those pike on the fly rod has to be a blast. I hope to land one someday myself. Thanks for sharing

  6. I'm a fan of both Mike's multi-species ties and have learned a lot from James this year. With a 9wt. I also appreciate the action of bunny strips. I've tied a few 6" versions of Mike's Meal Ticket that I'm looking forward to slinging in the Cedar River. Andy