Sunday, February 5, 2012

DF&F, Bonefish and Crazy Charlie

Drawing Fish & Flies 52 - Bonefish & Crazy Charlie

Years ago when I was working as an art director at a small design firm we would get occasional illustration work.  I always enjoyed turning a quick sketch into something new. The 30 minute rule for DF&F production really puts me in high gear once I get things going with the sketch and computer. It's one of those 8:00AM after 3 cups of coffee productions. Prior to about 2005 the computers & software we designed on wouldn't have moved fast enough for me to compose with the computer so fast.

showing plastic layer & multiply transparency
Production Notes: Used the plastic scan from last week's brookie piece to give that ripple look. In Adobe Illustrator using the "Multiply Transparency & Opacity". This gives certain layers that "see through" quality.

Anyone following along is welcome to use my Bonefish piece as screen wallpaper.

DF&F announces a weekly subject for those who want to play/follow along. Only one rule, 30 minutes for production. Check out Jason & Jeff's work at the links below.


  1. Nice one John. I love that ripple effect. It's really coll what you guys can do with the technology.


  2. Nice job on this John! I really dig the attitude on the bonefish!Looking forward to next weeks work,


  3. John,

    Really impressive art work. On the level of the illustrations in Behnke's TROUT and SALMON of NORTH AMERICA illustrated by Joeseph Tomerreli (sp). Jason's work I was first exposed to in DESIGNING TROUT FLIES by his father, wonderful stuff. All good John, sweet.