Friday, December 30, 2011

Enjoying the mild weather in Iowa

Fished a batch of Mr. Winona Fly Factory flies. His little white midge with blue wire was the hot fly on this day. Thanks Justin!
Carried the 3wt hoping to find some dry fly action... Saw one fish rise... ehh
Jammed to a couple new albums given to me over Christmas, The Black Keys. Good stuff. 

Can't get over how mild this Winter has been. 

The Christmas cookies I've stashed in my freezer are dwindling away.

Big blue green pools. 

A WFF Scud takes some browns.

Ditched the nymphs and slowly drug a bugger on the bottom of this deep run. You gotta try.

Or, the fishing over here is heavenly. 


  1. Looks like a beautiful day in Iowa. Love those photos.


  2. Man those shots make me wanna get back up to Iowa. Definitely has to be one of my favorite places to fish , if only it weren't an 8 hour drive to Dorchester!

  3. The new Black Keys...drool...Any Black Keys for that matter. I've got to be careful on gravel roads listening to that stuff, my foot seems to get heavy when the Keys are on.

    Glad the flies found water already, I'm going out in the wind on Sunday. I've got my boxes packed with the flies you sent. Can't wait to touch a Minnesota trout again. Thanks for the report.

  4. Love the Iowa trout reports. Gives me something to think about till opening day in Wisconsin.

  5. John
    Awesome looking place you are fishing here. The midge is one of my top flies I fish all the time. I just found your blog and will be joining up with you. Hope you join up with me at Fishing Trough Life as well----Great Post.