Monday, November 14, 2011

Don't underestimate the pheasant tail

Pattern on the left has been the champ
On a recent trip North for Steelhead I was drifting a nice bend without success. I switched my setup to a bead head pheasant tail and hooked up immediately. After two fish my last PT was shredded (pictured bottom left of foam). I was kicking myself for not having more of this great pattern. It's also the only pattern I've been able to fool the local grass carp with. It doesn't really matter what variation of the PT you tie. The point is keep a good supply on hand. It's rarely the first fly I throw but it's a damn good "plan B". 


  1. a great multi-species fly indeed

  2. great ties! I have tied a ton of flies but sadly I still have never tied a pheasant tail. Need to get on the ball

  3. A damn good fly indeed. Always try to fish one at least once on trips. They seem to be on all fish diets. Nice looking flies. Tight Lines.