Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Iowa River and Lake MacBride

image credit: google maps

Close to home. The Iowa River Reservoir/Coralville Lake and Lake MacBride. Enough warmwater fishing to scratch the itch. I've come to really appreciate my proximity to these fisheries. On the weekends I've been hitting the water when my son takes his afternoon nap. The temps have been upper 90s this week. Sweating it out in the summer heat reminds me of playing summer baseball, back in the day. I think I played some of my best ball when I was in full drip mode.
The walk from the road to Sugarbottom flat for some gold fish.
The finger on the left is a fair carpin' backwater. Image of Coralville Res. Image Credit Google Maps.
Finger on the right - sugarbottom flat on Coralville Res. Image Credit Google Maps.


  1. Way to stick it to the horrible heat conditions. Nice looking fish. I can't wait for this boiling weather to disappear. Tight Lines.

  2. i know it, this weather has been unreal. 115 heat index in chicago and the ac at works goes out. did they let us leave? i think not!

    nice job on those mid summer fish. great blog and added you to my blogroll