Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Black Hills

We recently took a week-long trip to the Black Hills in South Dakota. It was awesome.
Most of you know that I'm somewhat obsessed with bison. I still consider Alan Knapp's work to be one of the main reason I got into ecology. I remember having to write a literature review paper for my ecology class as an undergrad. Somehow I came across Knapp et al's Bioscience paper. I was seriously floored and forever hooked on plant-herbivore interactions. Bison are the essence of renewable energy. Someday I'll own some land with a small herd. In Custer State Park, bison are common and most people don't think it is too impressive to see one or a dozen. I thought it was great. It is simply the most impressive mammal in North America.

I fished French Creek in Custer State Park. It was full of rainbows. On my way there at 4:30 am, I saw a mountain lion. I was in my car, it was in the ditch, it looked at me, walked around the car, and then ran off. It was awesome-from my car.
I never got what I would call a 'big' fish, but I had a blast.
More bison on the edge of the badlands. Doesn't this photo just emanate ecosystems ecology?


  1. Great picture of you and Sam on the prairie. Mt. Lions are awesome, from the car. Not so cool from above your head.

  2. Yeah, that pic turned out pretty good. If you look real close you can see the prairie dogs all over the place. They were all chirping at us, as if to say, "come get me, leave my brothers and sisters and cousins alone". Kinship at it's finest.