Friday, June 24, 2011

Iowa Bedrock

There's a creek I fish locally that is geo-awesome. The sandstone creek has remnants from the Devonian era some 375 million years ago. In Iowa, rocky streams mean a better chance of clearer water and easier catching. It's hard to imagine that my great grandparents could once see the bottom of my larger local rivers. It's estimated that an average Iowa acre loses 5 ton's of soil per acre per year. I "hope" there's a growing recognition among farmers and land owners that they need to stop the bleeding with buffer strips, no-till, etc.
 rock bass
Look out smallie!


  1. Very cool. I don't know too much about geology, but I do find it very interesting. I'm sure there are a bunch of streams in my region that were at one time a little clearer too. I live in an area that has been plowed and tilled and farmed to death.

  2. Some great pics of the diversity of the different water that surrounds you. I know what you mean about the farmer putting in things to help with erosion. Great Post.
    Tight Lines.