Monday, May 16, 2011

Iowa Trout Streams

Trip Report: May 13 & 14

Started my weekender on a small Iowa Put & Grow stream. This is a challenging little stream with anything 10"being a big fish. Large boulders serve as the deeper holding spots for the larger fish. Awesome scenery and no one there but me. I love those streams where you're surprised if you see another angler. Coulda fished this stream all day, but it was off to larger water to meet up with Nate.

This was a one night camp trip.  Thankful for no wind--tarp stayed up both days. 
Fished streamers, dries, nymphs, and the catching was excellent. Just what I needed.


  1. Man, I grew up in Iowa, but wasn't a fly fisher then....these streams look beautiful!

  2. I was oblivious to trout streams growing up in NW Iowa. Wasn't until college that I discovered NE Iowa changes shape from flat corn fields to bluffs. The driftless really is a beautiful place.