Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New 'to me' bamboo

I came into an unknown bamboo rod a while back. It had a few guides missing, and the ferrules were loose. It was a modified rod. You could tell that it was originally a 3 piece, 9 foot rod, but someone had cut the but section, took the ferrule from it, drilled a hole in the handle of the rod and then sunk the ferrule into it. This made it a 6'10" rod. Folks call these 'banty' rods. I took all the guides off, sanded the blank, put the guides back on, glued the ferrules on, and varnished it. It casts a 4wt line pretty well. A little investigation on the handle and the reel seat indicate that this was no doubt a South Bend model #59 ca. 1950.The South Bend Company put a patent on this handle, calling it 'comefficient' a combo of comfortable and efficient. -It is comfortable.
Added the writting so if I loose this thing, someone will know it was a South Bend, modfied to a banty rod.
Its a pretty straight stick, which says alot for a 60 year old rod.

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