Sunday, January 2, 2011

Weekend on the Ice

I started the year out hitting the ice below the house pretty hard. I had some success and learned a few things.

Stats: Had total 10 tipups. 1 fish ran into a log-jam and got hung up. Two fish were actually pulled through the ice (~18-21 inch Pike). The rest got off as soon as I/we set the hook. Both fish that were pulled through the ice were by my neighbors. –We had a little party down there, sipping Tom and Jerry’s and staring at tipups.

I did some hiking upriver of the side channel and found a spring. It appears as though the spring is running directly into the side channel (which I now consider more of a slough). I was pretty exicted to find the spring because that means fresh water with some oxygen getting into the main portion of the side channel. –Also important for finding Pike in the spring when they are looking for weeds and warmer water to spawn in. Here are some photos:

Cmon, spin...
The spring, fresh water, life...
-cool tree formation
One of the primary reasons why floodplains are among the most productive and diverse ecosystems on the planet-organic matter deposited from overbank flooding.

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