Friday, December 3, 2010

The Samurai

A winter ago Uncle Nate and I tied a few samurai streamers. It was spotted in a stealhead book and has been proven to be a deadly assassin.

"Not fishing for a while gives you a perspective on the sport that being in the thick of it never will. You remember things–good, solid, revealing things–that might otherwise have drifted on downstream and gone out of sight forever". –John Gierach "Death, Taxes, and Leaky Waders".


  1. Hey John,
    I like the Gierach quote.
    I once guided a Brit who was big into Atlantic salmon fishing. He told me that the reason the Scandinavians are so innovative and good at fishing is because they sit and think about it all winter. I think there is some truth to the days away from the river.

  2. The samurai ruled last spring, especially when tied 'dalli lama' style. I think I'll tie some today.