Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Iowa August Trip

I'm in the middle of an August Iowa trip. After work last night I fished a pretty well-known pasture section of a pretty well-known wild trout stream. I was getting into fish pretty good with streamers when I noticed a bull in the pasture. This was a very large bull and he was not happy to see me. I very calmly and quietly walked downriver, hopped the fence and booked it out of there. I fished some other spots that are more marginal than the pasture and caught a couple of small fish. Some little fish were rising to a sparse BWO hatch and I caught a couple of fish on dries. Nothing special.
This AM I headed over to another creek. Here's a good story...So there I am rolling a scud and nymph along the bottom of a great looking corner pool when a large brown trout makes a perfect head-to-tail rise. As the fish returns to the water I think to myself, "wow, that was a nice fish". Then I think, "that rise was perfectly in line with my fishing line". Then I realize that on its return to the water, the fish is at a perfect 45 degree angle and heading directly toward my flies. Then my line tightens and it was on. Nice 17 (or so) inch fish. I was certainly in the right place at the right time. Right stream, right hole, right drift.

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