Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend Update

I had a trip planned to fish Grant County over the weekend. Decided to fish closer to home due to the chance of cloudy/cold water from the recent rains. I fished LaCrosse County on Sat. It was windy and rainy and would have been miserable had I not been fishing. Fish we hitting pretty consistently-caught fish on streamers and nimps-mostly nimps. The fish of the day was this nice 15" male brown trout, which took a #18 pheasant tail. I saw it come out from under a lunker structure, grab my fly and then head right back to the lunker again. Prettly lousy fight-as with all of these fish right now.

The release...

The stream....
In other news, the Black River is alive with water. Friday morning I woke up to a 95% ice covered river. One hour later, it was 95% ice free and starting to rage.

Late in the day on Friday, there was still some ice.

Late Sunday, there was water everywhere.

It won't be long now!!

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