Thursday, March 4, 2010

Other days it does matter....

I got back to that certain small creek full of nice sized fish. The fish were there, they were chasing my flies, but they were not taking them with the same type of reckless abandon as before. As a result, I ended up with a number of short-strikes and some follows, but I landed no big fish. Instead, it was the usual for this creek-lots of small trout. I only took a photo of one fish because it was a pretty little brook trout. Most of the fish that I have caught in this stream are about the size of the trout shown below, which is why I have been so excited about finding the larger trout.
35 degrees and sunny, great day to be out!

Here is why I suspect the fish are so active in this stream. There are a number of springs all along the creek.

There are also a number of nice deep holes with overhead cover. Some bigger fish sit under that log. The challenge is swinging a fly under there.

Brook trout are pretty eh-and they like big flies.

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