Wednesday, March 17, 2010

In March of 2009 I made a few visits to my local streams and found the streams full of suckers and chubs. This wasn't a disappointment as I relish the opportunity to hook into a quilback, redhourse, or any member of the carp family. I didn't hook into smallies until the first week in April. Adult smallmouth migrate to larger waters downstream to spend the cold season. Some of those deeper pools were piled up with smallmouth in early April. The junction points where creek meets the larger river held the most fish, while the upper sections of the streams held fewer fish early in the season. A study performed by the IDNR reported radio-tagged smallmouth around Elkader migrated 35 miles downstream to the Mississippi in the fall and returned the following spring.

This female recently dropped a belly of eggs. She had no fight in her. Like hooking a wet sock.

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