Monday, March 29, 2010

3/26-27/2010 outing

Uncle Johnny Rotten (UJR) and I spent the weekend down in Grant Co. looking for some big browns and Blue-Winged Olives.
John spent the weekend fishing streamers in search of big fish. It paid off with this 21" brown on Friday, just before dark. Look at the shoulders on that fish, impressive. Although John was pumped about landing it, his immediate response was that smallmouth half the size fight twice as hard.
We fished a couple of different streams and within those streams a couple of different types of water, from wooded to open and big to small. We took a few fish from the run above, which was at the transition from wooded to more open stream.

As usual, I fished dry flies probably more than I should have. On Friday it was BWO's and on Sat it was midges (different streams and perhaps different weather conditions). The fish above was one of a number small fish taken during the midge hatch on Sat. I had to leave during the middle of the hatch ~3:00 :(

I took this fish on Friday during the BWO hatch. Just when I was thinking of putting the dries away, this fatty rainbow rose to my cripple.

A couple of runs later I took this 14-15 inch brown (long and skinny).

John, hooked in.

My stripping finger after two days of non-stop fishing. Time to redevelop the callouses.
Check out UJR's pic's here:

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