Friday, July 24, 2009

Here's a quick post of the recent action on my fishing trip to northern MN. I got a big smallmouth on a popper on the Crow wing river fishing with my friend John S. near Baxter, MN. I also caught a sunfish (I think), a walleye, and a crappie. The other pics are of me and my dad with some largemouths (fly caught) and my nephew Tyler with a Bowfin (not fly caught). We got into a bunch of pike, but I never caught one on a fly, some walleye (two on flies), and some crappie (one of a fly). I also had a perch to the boat but it got off just before I could grab it. 

One thing this summer has taught me is that I'm good at fly fishing for bass but not at fly fishing for other species. I think this is true of other people as well and might be why fly rodding for bass is so popular while other species go over looked. It isn't that you can't catch these other species, it just seems like you only get small ones on flies, whereas the bait and hardware slingers boat the biguns. 

I now have LM, SM, freshwater drum, gill, sunny, walleye, crappie-7
I think this makes us tied and I was inches away from a perch lead. 

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