Saturday, June 6, 2009

More bass

I've been out 3 times now and have only increased my species count by 1 =( But I've been having some fun. Last week I got into a bunch of largemouth bass, which is the norm around here. I saw a bunch of carp spawning, but they were having nothing to do with my flies. Then last Sunday I got out Catfishing with a guy I work with. He put me on to one very large Cat-which broke my line. It was nice to feel a fish on the line that I couldn't control. Even big bass are controllable, but the catfish was all over the place, and heavy. Finally, I got a bluegill the other day, to increase my species total to a meager 3. But the backwaters are starting to fill up with species that John almost certainly won't catch-bowfin and gar. Oh yeah! A couple of pics posted above are from the other night, the gill and a honkin bass (19 inch, 4+ pounds). Since I started fishing warmwater this year, I have yet to take the popper that John tied for me off my 6 wt. -Its looking pretty ratty.

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